Advocacy Matters

Must and Should Dos when fundraising (Part 2)

As with any handling of public money, there has to be some rules or governance in how money collected from the community is processed. Please use these guidelines whether you are an Advocacy Matters fundraiser or independently holding an event or activity for us.

These tips are to help you raise money transparently, to feel confident and to understand the principles we use.


  • Thank people for their donation
  • Collect the money for sponsored activities when donors make their pledge as you are liable to make up any shortfall
  • Make sure the public know what they are giving to such as advocacy or a specific project
  • Take photographs of you at your event and send them to us with a short description of your activity
  • Ask us if you’re not sure about anything
  • Make your fundraising as environmentally sympathetic as possible


  • Make all communication with the public clear
  • Never email an organsiation or individual asking for a prize or donation unless they are known to you, but you can write to them using our template
  • Always count the money you have raised in the presence of the venue host such as a pub landlord or shop keeper or independent person
  • Give yourself plenty of organsiation time and check that your event doesn’t coincide with another on the same date
  • Pay your donation to the charity as soon as possible or within four weeks of your activity


  • Thank people for their donation whether in cash or kind
  • Let the press know or publish locally how much your event has raised
  • Print the charity’s number on all administration such as sponsor forms
  • Record how much it cost you to stage the event and how much your investment raised and keep the receipts
  • Enjoy your fundraising!


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